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Jonathan Kletz, DPM

Dr. Kletz thinks podiatry is exciting and adventurous! Dr. Kletz, who's positive attitude comes with a genuine smile, thinks this about his job and his patients. He comes across as someone who really listens to his patients with understanding and kindness.

Dr. Kletz was born in New Jersey and graduated high school in Baltimore, Maryland. Following high school, he then attended the University of Maryland where he completed his undergraduate work with a degree in Microbiology. He attended Pennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine and graduated in 1989. In 1990, he completed his surgical residency in Dallas, Texas and in 1996 he became board certified by the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons. He loved everything about Texas so much he decided to become a Texan for good. He began his private practice in October, 1991 in the Dallas area and expanded his practice in 1995 to serve the Athens and Cedar Creek areas.

Dr. Kletz treats ankle sprains, tendonitis, infections and all ailments of the foot. He likes to stay current and utilizes many cutting edge technologies such as Cryosurgery, also known as cyroanalgesia and platelet rich plasma (PRP) for treating many chronic soft tissue injuries such as plantar fasciitis, achilles tendinitis, and ligament problems.

Dr. Kletz's professional goal is to provide Dallas and Henderson County residents with high quality podiatric care, procedures and surgical care. His ultimate goal to please all his patients and provide them with pain-free living, when possible. Dr. Kletz's approach is generally a conservative one when treating his patients but he believes in treating each patient as an individual while still meeting his own high standards of patient care. Dr. Kletz does surgery at many local hospitals and surgical centers.

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